Letters to the Editor

Thank You, Charlestown Old Schoolboys

To the Editor,

To the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association. I would like to Thank You for selecting me for one of the Schoolboy Scholarships. This award will be put to good use as I continue my education at Stonehill College.

Charles Page

Old Schoolboys Rock

To the Editor,

I would like to thank the Charlestown Old Schoolboys Association for awarding me the St. Florian Scholarship. This will go a long way in helping me complete my college studies at Colby-Sawyer College (NH) and reach my goal of becoming a teacher.  Again, thanks so very much and GOD BLESS!

Conor Kelly

Thank You, Charlestown Old Schoolboys

To the Editor,

I gratefully express my appreciation to the Charlestown Old Schoolboys Association for awarding me the Mary Gill Flanagan and Edward Mahan Scholarships. I will be entering Bunker Hill Community College this Fall and plan on majoring in Psychology and these scholarship will help pay for books, supplies and tuition. Thank you so much!

Gavin Kelly

Thank You, Charlestown Old Schoolboys

To the Editor,

Thank you to the Old Charlestown Schoolboy’s Association for selecting me as the recipient of the Robert, James and Ralph Smith  Scholarship. With this Scholarship, I am now able to enter my Sophomore year at UMass Amherst  with less stress as well as a greater motivation to succeed in my classes. 

I truly appreciate the generosity of this Scholarship.  

Thank you. 

Joseph N. Flanagan 

“Mr. C” Made Me An All-Star!!!

To the Editor,

I revisit the memory often. It was 1973, I was a shy twelve year old playing little league for the Boys and Girls Club Team, I wore number 8, I played second base and right field. My Best Friend, Joey Colliers Father, “Mr. C” had selected me to be on the All-Star Team for a second consecutive year. Looking back, and in my 12 year old mind at the time, I didn’t think I deserved to be there when I was twelve years old, never mind when I was eleven years old.

The vivid memory was an All-Star Game on Revere Beach Parkway. It was the third inning, the count was three balls and two strikes, and the pitcher was a big twelve year old, throwing nothing but fast balls. I saw the pitch coming right down the pipe, I closed my eyes, and I swung as hard as I could. I heard the crack of my bat. I opened my eyes, and saw the ball going over second base, into center field. I’ll never forget that feeling, standing on first base, “I was ripping singles”.

Mr. C and his wife Evie raised their nine children next door to my family on Albion Place. Many proclaimed to be the Tenth Collier Kid, but I put more time in the Collier backyard and in the rear seat of the Collier Family Station Wagon than any Townie Kid I know.

“Mr. C.” worked for Finest Supermarkets in Wellington Circle for years, before opening and operating the successful Colliers Market on Bunker Hill Street. I remember my friend Joey coming out after Sunday dinners with left over roast beef sandwiches that he always shared and split right down the middle.

As long as I can remember “Mr. C” was dedicating his time as a baseball or football coach, teaching me and others, the fundamentals of the game. I remember “Mr. C.” coming home from a long day at work and playing pick-up basketball games with me and the Collier boys and playing game after game of HORSE in the backyard.

It was in the Collier Backyard, The Neck, and The Oilies, that I developed my competitive spirit, learned the importance of teamwork, and gained the incredible confidence, determination, and character that would serve me throughout my lifetime.

I owe so much to “Mr. and Mrs. C”, I am so grateful to have watched them raise their family and kids like me. I have fashioned so much of my life, from the time I spent with the Colliers and the little things they did that made them a family. I truly believe that my life, my career, my family, have benefited so much from being the Tenth Collier Kid.

Unfortunately, “Mr. C” passed away last year. A huge loss for the Collier Family, The Charlestown Community and myself. I often think of “MR. C.”, Evie, and all the Collier Kids. I wish to tell Mr. C. and the entire Collier Family that because of Mr. C’s confidence in me as a little kid, and the confidence I gained, Little Joey Leeman became an All Star in Life, and I’m still ripping singles every day.

Joey Leeman

Charlestown Boy, Your Honor

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