Breaking News – Heritage Club Approved

The Boston Cannabis Board (BCB) on Wednesday afternoon voted 5-0 to approve the Heritage Club recreational cannabis store application off of Cambridge Street in the Lost Village, while at the same time deferring the application for the Resilient Remedies (R2) application on Sullivan Square.

Heritage owner Nike John said she is excited to move forward with her proposal, but said it’s bittersweet because of events of the past two weeks.

“I’m excited we’re moving forward, but it is bittersweet,” she said. “As much as I am excited, it’s also not exciting because things still aren’t equal. We are excited to move ahead though.”

The proposal now goes to the Zoning Board within the next few weeks for consideration, but the BCB approval gives Heritage a pathway that doesn’t include a “buffer zone” issue. R2 was deferred and their proposal is not over, but they will face a “buffer zone” issue if Heritage is approved at the ZBA. The ZBA process for Heritage would be followed by a state Cannabis Control Commission process as well.

John said she would oppose R2 after seeing e-mails mistakenly released and because it could take away her business.

“Based on the e-mails that came out this week, I will opposed R2,” she said.

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