Boston License Board Aligns With State to Lift All Limits on Licensees May 29

With the support of Acting Mayor Kim Janey announced on Tuesday, the Boston Licensing Board on Wednesday approved a lifting of all restrictions on licensed premises as of May 29.

“As of May 29, all restrictions related to licensed premises will be lifted,” announced the Board. “Private businesses, including restaurants, may require masks and social distancing at their discretion. However, this will not be required by the City of Boston.”

In a vote on Wednesday morning, the Board agreed to lift all COVID restrictions on licensed premises in Boston. Such a lifting had been announced by Gov. Charlie Baker for the state earlier this week, but Janey had been hesitant to follow suit in Boston.

On Tuesday, she announced that the metrics were headed in a direction where she felt more comfortable in lifting the restrictions on businesses and licensed establishments.

“Because of Boston’s progress, I am making the decision to align with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and lift COVID restrictions on May 29,” Janey wrote in a statement. “But, let me be clear, our battle against COVID is not over. Reopening our city will only work if we all continue to do our part to fight the pandemic.”

The restrictions that are lifted include:

•No gathering limits.

•No table limits.

•No time limits.

•No mask/social distancing restrictions.

•Alcohol can be served without food.

•Dividers may be taken down.

•All approved entertainment may continue.

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