Tenth Youth-Led Discussion on Race and Policing Scheduled at Peace Park

Join Councilor Lydia Edwards and the Charlestown Coalition for a continued youth-led, healing conversation on race and policing with young adults from the Turn-It-Around program. The event will take place this Thursday, May 13, at 5:30 p.m. at the Peace Park located on Lowney Way in Charlestown. This is the first time since last summer the discussion will be held outside.

The goals of the discussion are to continue to talk honestly about lived experiences and listen compassionately. The hope is to accumulate action steps both from the community, the police, and others to move forward towards healing and justice.

“Following the death of George Floyd, my office was approached to help facilitate a conversation with the community and since then we’ve held conversations every month,” said Councilor Lydia Edwards. “Every meeting has been led by positive intentions and honest conversations on race and equity in our neighborhood.”

“We’re happy to announce that “In-Person” Race Dialogues have returned to the Peace Park,” said Mswati Hanks Youth Program Coordinator at TURN IT AROUND. “TURN IT AROUND and the Charlestown Coalition laud Councilor Edwards’ continued dedication and passion for building a more cohesive and equitable community for all who live in Charlestown.”

“During the fall and winter months, the dialogues successfully continued on zoom, and were well attended by the TURN IT AROUND youth, many of our neighbors, representatives from Charlestown probation, and BPD. TURN IT AROUND would love to keep building off that momentum, and have the youth continue to show why they are already leaders in their community! Come join us this Thursday!”, said Hanks.

All members of the community are welcomed.. Conversation will be facilitated by trained Charlestown Coalition members and Councilor Lydia Edwards. If you have any questions please e-mail [email protected].

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