Harborwalk on Pier 6 to Close During Winter for Repairs

The owners of the Charlestown Marina reported they will be closing the HarborWalk on Pier 6 – between Piers 7 and 8 – beginning Dec. 7 for major repairs to the walkway.

Ann Lagasse of the Marina said they wanted to do the work in the winter and hopefully re-open with a brand new Boardwalk on April 1- of course contingent with what they find beneath the surface.

“Is it ideal to do it in the dead of winter? No,” said Lagasse. “But we know it’s so heavily used that we didn’t want to do this work at any other time. We’re going to rip it up and look at what’s going on under there…Part of the HarborWalk is over water and we don’t know what the underpinnings are going to look like.”

The HarborWalk on the south side of Pier 6 has been mostly completed, and Lagasse said the Pier 6 portion will look the same. While the goal was to have the new Pier 6 Marina project and HarborWalk done by late summer, supply issues and COVID-19 delays kept them from meeting that goal, she said.

Also, recently Pier 6 restaurant owner Charlie Larner informed Lagasse that his restaurant will hibernate for the winter, re-opening in April. So, Pier 6 will also be closed during the winter to allow for a staging area to complete the HarborWalk construction.

There will be a detour around the construction taking pedestrians from Pier 7 to Pier 8 away from the waterfront. It is the first upgrade to this part of the HarborWalk in at least 40 years.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Marina Manager Chris Giroux at 617-242-2020. The marina office is open Mon- Sat 9am-5pm.

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