Early Voting Last Weekend Proved Popular Once Again

Duplicating the excitement of early voting in the September Primary Elections, Charlestown came out in large numbers last Saturday and Sunday for the neighborhood’s only early voting opportunity – logging about 10 percent of the total early votes on either day citywide.

Early voting has been a new addition to the last several elections, but it has been immensely popular this year citywide and in Charlestown due to the desire to spread out and not wait in long lines on Election Day due to COVID-19 concerns.

Of course, on the ballot for the Nov. 3 General Election is the hotly contested presidential election – which drove turnout even higher in the Town.

The following are the turnout totals in Charlestown last weekend, compared to citywide turnout on the same day.

•Saturday, October 24 at Harvard/Kent School: 977 out of 9,303 citywide that day.

•Sunday, October 25 at Harvard/Kent School: 752 out of 7,927 citywide that day. 

Overall, since early voting started on Oct. 17, there have been 43,910 votes cast as of Monday, Oct. 26. The early-voting period for the Nov. 3 General Election will end on Friday, Oct. 30.

For those who missed the Charlestown dates, there is still an opportunity to vote in person at the City Hall early-vote polling place.

The dates and times for City Hall voting are:

•Thursday, Oct. 29, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

•Friday, Oct. 30, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Polling places in Charlestown will be open as usual on the Nov. 3 General Election day. Those polling places are open, with socially-distant protocols and other sanitization protocols in place, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are:

•2-1 – (Zelma Lacey House)

•2-2 (Harvard-Kent School)

•2-3 (Zelma Lacey House)

•2-4 (Harvard-Kent School)

•2-5 (Edwards Middle School )

•2-6 (Edwards Middle School)

•2-7 (Golden Age Center)

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