St. Mary’s Church Flowers Stolen Again

One reader remarked two weeks ago about a nice story in the Patriot Bridge detailing an act of human kindness by a local florist who replaced the stolen St. Mary’s flower boxes free of charge.

It was a fine thing, indeed, until the flowers were stolen barely after the ink dried on the story.

The flower boxes on the steps of St. Mary’s were stolen last month after being there since May, but were replaced and detailed in a story in the paper on July 30.

However, in the early morning hours of July 30, the replacement flower boxes were also stolen.

“Thought you would like to know that the planters were stolen a second time from the steps of St Mary’s Church,” wrote dedicated reader Thomas Annaratone. “This theft occurred overnight…It is cruelly ironic that I discovered the theft when I went to water the flowers the morning of July 30 after reading your heartwarming story ‘Stolen-flowers re-appear through good deeds.’”

Both thefts were reported to Boston Police, and church leaders are hoping anyone with information will report it to the Boston Police at the local A-15 Station in Hays Square.

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