Right to the City VOTE Endorses Challenger Damali Vidot

Right to the City VOTE! (RTCV) is excited to announce our endorsement of Damali Vidot for the Massachusetts State House Democratic Primary Election on September 1, 2020.

RTCV is a citywide political collective working to build the political power of Boston’s rising electorate around a progressive agenda led by working-class communities of color. It is the only multiracial, multilingual, and multigenerational 501(c)(4) project in Boston and one of the few in Massachusetts. RCTV activists are a powerful force involved in year-round organizing and civic engagement to transform communities of color into high turnout neighborhoods.

Progressives have often failed to challenge the status quo by dividing their votes. Instead, RTCV has convened a diverse coalition to build unity by working through debates, candidate interviews, and long deliberations for a collective decision and a coordinated strategy, anchored by the organizing and power building of those most impacted.

In this cycle, RTCV has made an endorsement in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Suffolk State House District. They are backing a candidate who demands an equitable recovery from the COVID-19 public health crisis in Damali Vidot, who is currently a Chelsea City “Councilorette.”

“Damali is a leader who will fight to ensure our communities are not left behind as we “return to normal,” and will ensure that we get the resources we need,” said RTCV chair Noemi Ramos. “We know Damali will work with us and our community in solving future issues, and that she respects our leadership in the community.”

“Damali has elevated the voices of those who have long been silenced by systemic injustice throughout her entire career,” said Chelsea School Committee member and Mijente Boston member Roberto Jiménez Rivera. “She has asked the hard questions and pushed to end politics-as-usual so we can have a progressive government that centers those who are suffering the most. She will be not only a reliable vote, but an amazing leader for people of color both inside and outside of the State House.”

RTCV interviewed candidates on key community-centered issues, their plans and priorities should they be elected, and their track record and background in their communities.

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