Just Like The Bruins…

Hockey is king in Charlestown, but summer roller hockey has taken a hit due to COVID-19 lockdowns. A few games here and there have popped up, but recently some began to come back to the roller rinks. On a recent night, some of the heavy hitters in the region along with Kitchen Kup heroes had a fun game at Bryan McGonagle Rink.

Some regular players from the Kitchen Kup were on hand, and others – as shown here – from a bit higher level. It left everyone in the mood for a big “pasta” dinner after an active game on wheels.
This player makes a Kase for creative passing on the rink.
Having fun at McGonagle Rink recently with Kitchen Kup legends and other Boston Legends.
Shooting from the left, this player skates past the middle line.
The Playground Legend gets one past the heavy hitters on the defense.
Keeping things fun at mid-rink, one of the heavy hitters skates past defenders.

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