Battle of Bunker Hill Day Parade Will Continue On…in the Car

Like the Revolutionary-era conflict that is celebrated throughout mid-June, the Battle of Bunker Hill Day Parade is not going down this year without a fight – or at least a festive drive around the Town.

Long-time Parade coordinator Arthur Hurley announced on Tuesday this week that if they can’t have a traditional marching parade on June 14, then they will have a car parade to mark the occasion.

“We are having a car parade,” said Hurley on Tuesday. “We’ll go the traditional parade route and everyone will stay in their cars. Whoever shows up will be part of it. We hope people come down and decorate their cars for the occasion. We’ll see how it goes.”

The Parade had been cancelled late last month from its June 14 date, and to the disappointment of many – though it couldn’t be helped. This week, Hurley said they decided they needed to have something, even it was just a car parade.

He said to participate people just need to show up in a car at 12:30 p.m. on Vine Street in Hays Square.

They’ll line up the cars and then drive the route, with people encouraged not to congregate along the route in large numbers as the cars go by.

State Rep. Dan Ryan said he applauded Hurley and the organizers for doing what could be done in a tough situation.

“I truly appreciate the dedication and community spirit of Arthur Hurley, the Legion Post and the Parade Committee in keeping this tradition alive,” he said. “I will certainly do my part to make sure we have an appropriate celebration.”

Councilor Lydia Edwards said she would participate, and would work with the organizers to make sure it is safe and fun.

“I think it speaks to our resiliency in Charlestown,” she said. “We don’t give up so easily. I will be there. I’ll be in the car or walking beside it while my team drives. We probably need to talk about how it will work beforehand. We don’t want people to congregate and we don’t want it to look like a funeral march either. We’ll work it out and do our best. We don’t give up easy in Charlestown.”

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