Letter to the Editor

Another Success

Dear Editor:

The Harvest on Vine Food Pantry wants to thank everyone involved in making our 2nd Annual Cookout on June 12, a success.  Only through your generosity in donating your time to volunteer and contributions of food and activities to entertain the crowd, were we able to serve the over 350 residents who were in attendance.  

In particular I would like to thank the Bunker Hill Associates for allowing us to be included in this year’s Charlestown Pride Week, Kayem Foods and volunteer Jeremy Hruma for donating the hot dogs, the Boston Fire Department Engine 50 for letting the children climb on board and give each of them their own fire hat, Tom Grant with his Shriner’s Fire Engine, Oscar the Music Man,  Joe Zavanti from Memorial Hall for the use of their Corn Hole games and Turn it Around for their face painting skills and all around volunteering.   Special gratitude to City Councils At Large Michael Flaherty for donating the slush truck and Michelle Wu for delivering cases full of snacks.  Both were quite a hit with all ages. Our thanks also go out to Rep. Danny Ryan and City Councilor Lydia Edwards for attending and greeting each person with a “Happy Bunker Hill Day” wish.

Thank you Charlestown for, once again, being the wonderful neighborhood you are.  We’re now looking forward to our 3rd cookout next year with the hope that you will join us.


Tom MacDonald, Director

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