BFD Establishes Station Under Tobin Bridge

The Boston Fire Department (BFD) has moved to establish a temporary station in Charlestown using an extra fire apparatus due in part to the tremendous traffic jams caused by construction of the North Washington Street Bridge.

BFD Spokesman Brian Alkins said late last week the Department put Ladder 22 into service under the Mystic/Tobin Bridge on MassPort property in order to shorten response times caused by three major issues – including the construction on the bridge.

“Due to the ongoing reconstruction of Engine 50 Station in Charlestown, the fact we’re doing some industrial cleaning on Engine 4 at Cambridge Street (Beacon Hill) and the traffic caused by the construction on the North Washington Street Bridge, we felt there was a need to put a temporary apparatus in Charlestown,” he said. “We felt because of those things, we need an extra ladder truck in Charlestown to cut down on response times. It was a combination of those three issues all at once.”

Alkins said Ladder 22 will remain stationed in Charlestown for the time being, but likely not through the entire bridge construction period.

“It will probably stay there until Engine 4 gets back and Engine 50 goes into service again,” he said. “Until then, we won’t bring it back.”

Meanwhile, the rehabilitation of the Engine 50 Station continues to see delays.

Though it was to be done last fall, delays caused it to be pushed out to April.

Now, however, it looks like it’s going to be open again in the fall.

“They’re working there every day,” Alkins said. “It’s taking so long, but they’re getting there. We’re looking now at September. We’re hoping we can stick to that date.”

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