Zelma Lacey House Resident Ellen Shevchik Receives Resident Spirit Award

Full-service real estate and property management firm Peabody Properties is proud to announce that Zelma Lacey House resident Ellen Shevchik received the Resident Spirit Award from the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association (Mass-ALA) at their prestigious Excellence Awards event, “Senior Living in Full Bloom – Celebrating those who make a difference in the lives of seniors.”  The event, which is dubbed “the Oscars of assisted living,” was held earlier this month at The Lantana in Randolph and featured special guest Scott Zolak, former Patriots quarterback and current sports host.

Photo (left to right):  Ellen Shevchik, award recipient; Andrea Pappas, friend of Ellen’s from Zelma Lacey House; Tabitha Jones, Marketing Director, Zelma Lacey House; and David Kingsley, standing behind them, Executive Director of Zelma Lacey House.

The Resident Spirit Award is awarded to a resident of a community who exemplifies the heart and soul of the community.  Shevchik, who has been a Zelma Lacey House resident for the last five years, was nominated by David Kingsley, executive director of Zelma Lacey House.

In her nomination, Shevchik was noted for always acting with kindness and thoughtfulness, and for trying to share a positive message with others in the community, even at times when she struggles with her own significant personal challenges.  At Zelma Lacey House, Shevchik leads baking club classes, art classes, and the gardening club.  She can be counted on to welcome new residents and to speak out against unkind acts or comments when she sees or hears them, and is particularly patient, supportive, and protective of those with cognitive issues.

“Ellen is a vital part of the Zelma Lacey community and one of the most thoughtful, positive, and kind residents we’ve ever known,” said Kingsley.  “Her ‘quiet leadership’ is an inspiration to her friends and an enormous asset to our community.”

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