Committee Distributes Nearly $200K in Wynn Money; Second to Last Distribution of Original Licensing Fee

The Charlestown Community Fund has made another distribution to local non-profit groups in Charlestown – this being the third spring that money has been doled out from the original $1 million given over by Wynn as part of the gaming license process.

This time around, six recipients got the maximum $10,000 grant, and there were a number of repeat projects that received money – including a long-sought-after piece by Billy Kelly of the Friends of the Training Field to get the historic statue there lit up at night.

He received a second grant this time around to get that project going.

Most of the youth sports teams saw an infusion of money once again, and Charlestown High had a couple of programs funded – including a program for the Music Department to be able to fund the student community concert schedule for the summer.

In total, there were 43 grant recipients that were funded, and only a handful that were not funded.

“I am proud that through this round of funding, 43 local organizations will receive funding totaling nearly $200,000, helping better serve the residents in Charlestown and preserve the places that make this neighborhood so special,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “I want to thank the residents of Charlestown for guiding all of these investments and for working hard to make this community stronger than ever.”

State Rep. Dan Ryan said he has been proud of how the community has worked with the grants over the past three years.

“After nearly three years of funding, the committee, under the direction of Mayor Walsh’s office, has distributed the Encore community fund in an efficient and fair manner,” he said. “The infusion of these funds into our community has lessened the burden of fundraising and allowed our non-profits to better focus on their missions. With so much going on around Charlestown, I believe our non-profits are in a good place to continue making Charlestown a viable place to live, work and play.”

Councilor Lydia Edwards said it was a great opportunity to highlight the great work done by non-profits in the Town.

“It’s important to remember this is mitigation money and intended to offset the negative impacts of having a casino as a neighbor,” she said. “It’s great to see the amount of work the local non-profits are doing for our kids, for those in recovery and for the character of our neighborhood.”

The next, and final, distribution of the original $1 million will come in the fall.

However, once the casino opens its doors on June 23, that will unlock annual payments to the Fund of $2 million. Mayor Martin Walsh has said that money will stay in Charlestown. However, that money isn’t solely designated for local non-profits, and can be used for police, fire, parks and other needs.

Grant Recipients – Spring 2019

•Battle of Bunker Hill Parade Committee, $5,000

•Bunker Hill Monument Association (for direct mailing/display cases, $2,500

•Charlestown Boys & Girls Club (summer programs), $10,000

•Charlestown Public Library (Yoga for Adults class), $1,640

•Charlestown Coalition (Turn It Around), $5,000

•Charlestown Cooperative Nursery, $2,500

•Charlestown Girls Softball (equipment), $5,000

•Charlestown High Summer Reading Program, $2,500

•Charlestown High Music Department (Community Performance Series), $2,500

•Charlestown Historical Society (Revolution 250 events), $5,000

•Charlestown Lacrosse and Learning Center, $10,000

•Charlestown Little League (equipment), $5,000

•Charlestown Sprouts (garden refurbishing), $2,500

•Charlestown Veterans History Project (Hero Squares), $2,500

•Charlestown Working Theatre, $10,000

•Charlestown YMCA, $10,000

•Charlestown Youth Football/Cheer, $5,000

•Charlestown Youth Soccer, $5,000

•Courageous Sailing (Reach Initiative), $5,000

•E-inc (ChangeMakers Charlestown), $5,000

•Friends of Memorial Hall (Veterans Outreach), $2,500

•Friends of Ryan ‘Duce’ Morrissey Scholarship Fund (Golf Tourney), $2,500

•Friends of John Harvard Mall (Master Plan/Shrubs), $1,500

•Friends of the Mel Stillman Tennis Center (CHAD Tennis), $2,500

•Friends of the Training Field (Statue Lighting Project), $5,000

•Gavin Foundation (Charlestown AAWOL Program), $10,000

•Good Shepherd School, $2,500

•Harvard-Kent Elementary Leadership Scholarship (Teacher Grant Program), $2,500

•Harvard Kent Parent Association (family engagement), $2,500

•J.W. Conway Bunker Hill Post 26, $2,500

•Knights of Columbus (community organization hall rental fund), $5,000

•Navy Yard Garden Association (Shipyard Park Lighting), $4,500

•North End Music and Performing Arts Center (expansion to Charlestown), $2,500

•Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association (youth scholarships), $2,500

•Georgine Towers (senior programs), $5,000

•Skating to Success (introducing hockey to kids), $5,000

•Special Townies (help with cost of rent and daily operations), $10,000

•Friends of the Charlestown Library (Holiday Concert 2019), $2,000

•Gardens for Charlestown (Handicap access/maintenance), $2,500

•Town Track Club (add two or three more events), $5,000

•USS Constitution Museum (waterfront patio activation), $5,000

•Charlestown High Becoming a Man (BAM), $5,000

Total Grant Awards this round: $199,640

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