Dunkin’ (Donuts) Cups Begone: Dozens of Volunteers to Clean up Charlestown

Committed to improving the cleanliness, beauty and safety of their community and neighboring waters, dozens of volunteers will clean Terminal Street, Medford Street, and Sprouts Community Garden on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Sponsored by Free Impact, a Charlestown-based green-living blog, and 275 Medford St., Charlestown’s luxury rental loft community, the effort coincides with state-wide cleanups organized by The Great Massachusetts Cleanup and seeks to beautify areas adjacent to the Mystic River.

The Great Massachusetts Cleanup: Charlestown is important because every year 8 million metric tons of plastic and waste flow into our oceans through waterways like the Mystic River. This waste threatens marine life and us. Earlier this month, a fish was found impaled by a plastic straw at a similar cleanup by Harbor Keepers in East Boston. Other common items like plastic bags, coffee cups and snack-wrappers also pose a threat. Many items like these make it to our waterways from this neighborhood every day,” said Margaret Yoh, Cleanup Chair and writer of Free Impact. 

Following the cleanup there will be a gratitude celebration for volunteers starting at 2 p.m. also located at 275 Medford St. 

Many partners and donors have helped to make the cleanup a success. Partners include 1-800-JUNK, Anna’s Cafe, Diversified Auto, Monumenttails, Netblazr, REMAX, Save That Stuff, and Starry Internet.

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