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St. Patrick’s Day Belongs to Townies, Too

For more than a century, when one thinks of the Boston Irish, one usually thinks South Boston, but over in Charlestown, the Green Square Mile is also quite Irish, especially around this holiday. Yeah, we have Bunker Hill Day, too. Look over in Southie, they have State Sen. Nick Collins, previously their state rep, too, but his dad is Jimmy Collins, from you guessed it, right here.

Actually, both neighborhoods get along fine, not like back in the old days. Forced busing actually brought us together, and we have remained together since.

I was over at Sen. Sal DiDomenico’s sixth annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the Knights last Friday. We ate corned beef and cabbage. We get the dispensation from meat, but we must eat all the corned beef and especially cabbage, or we get sent to hell. By the time you’re reading this I am about to have my fifth plate of the stuff. I guess Pope Francis will make me a saint for that sacrifice.

I always like seeing a head table of politicians all trying to out-funny each other, but few, if any, are really funny. At this one, I dare say that my district Councilor Lydia Edwards had the best stand-up at the head table.

However, the hit of the whole show was the arrival of “President Donald Trump” to entertain the large crowd. He was really amazing, as he always tells us. He had the audience in stitches, like only the Donald could. This guy did some heavy-duty political satire, and his commentaries were quite biting. I had to get a picture taken with the Trumpster, whose real name is Eric Jackson. Until last Friday, I never realized how much weight Trump has put on since getting himself elected by the Russians or is that Hillary Clinton, who never seems to go away. Want to find this Trump character, go to

Meanwhile, return next year for another great Irish time hosted by a guy named Sal from Cambridge, whose dad is another Sal from Cambridge. Forget about Southie and Charlestown, what about those Italians trying to steal St. Patrick’s Day over at the Knights every March?

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