Warren-Prescott Elementary Ready to Delight with ‘Honk!’ Musical

March is theatre season on top of the hill at the Warren-Prescott School, and this weekend the elementary school is prepared and ready to put on the musical ‘Honk!,’ and the entire community is invited.

Why go?

“This is a musical you haven’t heard of before and it’s good to try new things,” said fifth-grader Tyler Osborne, who plays a lead role as ‘Ugly.’ “That’s why everyone in Charlestown should come.”

Theatre and Arts Director Olivia Cichon said this is a musical she has wanted to put on for some time, but this year she had the right cast. Plus, she said there won’t be a musical next year, and she thought this one would be a good final touch.

“I’ve wanted to do this show a long time,” she said. “It got beat out by other shows each year – shows like ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Annie,’ and ‘Hair Spray.’ This year I felt I had the right students. I like the music, but I really like the story. It will be nice for the kids to delve into the acting more.”

The two-act play will take place at the school – and open to the public – on Friday at 7 p.m.; Saturday at 2 p.m.; and Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12.50 each and go to support the costs of the program.

Emma Reitz plays the mother duckling ‘Ida,’ and she said it was her second production.

She said her favorite part of the show was when she sing’s ‘The Joy of Motherhood’ as she hatches eggs.

“I get to sing it with my best friend in the play, who is also my best friend in real life,” she said.

Osborne, who plays ‘Ugly’ – the son, said he likes the wild good chase scene, but really appreciated the message.

“The theme comes from the play being centered on my character and you learn not to judge people by how they look,” he said. “’The Lion King’ last year was just all about not trusting your uncle.”

Added Reitz, “I like the story because no one has really seen it. A lot of people have seen the ‘Lion King.’ This one has a cliffhanger, and since they probably haven’t seen it already, they will be surprised.”

Fifth-grader Thomas Blanchet has been in three productions at W-P, and in ‘Honk!’ he’ll be playing the father, Drake, and Greylag the Goose.

Blanchet said he likes to act because it’s something fun to do and it’s better than having to sit and do homework.

Oddly enough, when he heard the title of this year’s play, he said he thought it was about Boston traffic.

“When I heard ‘Honk!’ I thought it would be about people raging in Boston traffic and honking all day,” he joked.

Blanchet said he likes the role of Drake, but his favorite part is when he is Greylag and is helping Ugly find his home.

“I get shot out of the sky, which is pretty cool,” he said.

The show is the annual production by the students of the Warren-Prescott, as well as parent and staff volunteers.

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