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Why Do Many of Us Go into Full Panic over Snow?

This winter has been pretty much mild. We are into March. This weekend, we will turn the clocks ahead. February was great. The Red Sox are playing again down in Florida. Right now, it’s Sunday evening (March 3). We are expecting to get the biggest snowfall tonight into the morning.

I really don’t care. I won’t be watching the TV weather all evening long. Who needs that kind of stress? We have all seen winter in Boston before. It snows because that’s normal. My God, I went to the supermarket a few hours ago for milk because I actually ran out of milk, but the place was a zoo. Everyone seemed to be in panic mode. I guess no one will ever see spring water again or a loaf of bread or, yes, milk – all gone forever.  Last year, I actually saw a shopper with his priorities on straight. He had a large package of toilet paper.

Oh, outside of a house, I saw a homeowner shoveling his sidewalk. Why? Just wait ’til the morning, do your shoveling then. However, at one point I was passing a car wash. I let someone out in front of me with his shiny pickup. Once again I asked myself WHY? It’s gonna snow, just wait ’til it passes.

One Other Thing

This Friday night (March 8) State Sen. Sal DiDomenico will be holding his annual St. Patrick’s Day Roast at the Knights of Columbus. I always go to this DiDomenico Foundation fundraising event, which is consistently a great time for a good cause.

This event always falls on a Friday, which means no meat during Lent. The good senator always gets the rules for his corned beef and cabbage dinners, but someone will always ask about corned beef on a Friday night. I usually tell them, “With all the &+*# going on at the Vatican, are you really serious about corned beef? Just eat the cabbage, I guess.”

What really struck me that in the ad for the time, it states “over 75 elected officials expected to attend.” I thought Sal wanted folks to attend, not scare them away.

Listen – that’s about it. Hopefully March 4 wasn’t as bad as expected, but always remember next month is April with all those flowers. 

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