Walsh Releases 2019 Annual Census, Including Study on Childcare

Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the City of Boston Election Department today launched the City of Boston’s Annual Resident Census to record individuals age 17 and older who live in the City, with mailers going out to households across Boston. The City of Boston’s census helps Boston distribute resources evenly, helps voters keep an active voter status, allows residents to have access to a fair jury, and maintain an accurate voter list.

“Boston’s annual census is an important to tool to make sure we are reaching everyone across our city, and ensuring we continue to provide the resources our residents need,” said Mayor Walsh. “I encourage all residents to participate — and I encourage residents to consider taking part in our survey on childcare needs, language preference and disability status as we learn more about what our residents need, and how city programs can work for them.”

Included in this year’s census mailing is an optional survey related to childcare, language, and disability. This optional survey is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Cabinet and the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement, and aims to better understand how individuals and households across Boston neighborhoods relate to language and disability access and the best ways to support parents and young children. Responses to the survey will be anonymous and unconnected to any identifying information. This optional survey asks individuals about their primary language used at home, English proficiency, disability status, and possible barriers that parents/guardians face in accessing affordable quality childcare.

“Access to affordable quality childcare is tremendously important for Boston’s working parents, especially women,” said Tania Del Rio, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement. “Boston will be the first city in the country to document local childcare needs and preferences through the census. As a result, the City will identify and learn how we can best address the most critical challenges for families as part of a strategy that also intends to support early educators, without whom our economy would not function.”

There are 4 ways for residents to respond if they live in the City of Boston:

         1.         Complete and Return the form mailed to your residence from the Election Department

         2.         Respond Online at Boston.gov/Annual-Census

         3.         Call the Election Department 617-635-VOTE(8683)

         4.         In Person (9am-4:30pm) at: Room 241 City Hall, 1 City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201

New residents in the City are also able to  register to vote, with more information atBoston.gov/elections. Those who have moved within the City of Boston are encouraged to  update their voter registration in addition to responding to the Annual Resident Census.

For more information, contact the Boston Election Department online at Boston.gov/elections.

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