Edwards Secures First-Ever Youth Seat on One Charlestown IAG

Councilor Lydia Edwards said she is still waiting to hear whether or not the Impact Advisory Group (IAG) will be substantially expanded for One Charlestown, but one thing she has secured is a dedicated seat for one teenager from the Bunker Hill development.

It is the first time the City’s development review process has been allowed to include a young person at the table officially.

“I know that I will be granted two IAG seats, but more importantly we are getting a youth position, which is a new and exciting change,” she said. “The Turn It Around kids advocated heavily for that. They told us that they are the ones that will inherit in the future the decisions we are making today, and they felt it was only fair that they had a voice in that. I am happy to say I fought for that and they got it. It’s the first time a youth has been on an IAG. I’m happy about that.”

Beyond that, the One Charlestown process is beginning to slowly get started with public reviews of the new project that now includes Boston-based Leggat McCall. Edwards said they would look to have another hearing on the project in mid-March where they will update everything.

“Hopefully by then we’ll have a design to look at,” she said. “We should have numbers, unit counts, tenant issues and hopefully a design at that hearing…We want to really give the time we need, which we think is a good thing because the City can grapple with its financing piece. They will be investing a lot into this…It’s the first time the City has done that in history and we want to make sure it’s done right.”

So far, in discussions with Leggat McCall, Edwards said they have been up front and ready to make the project work. “It’s really about relationships we’re forging with them,” she said. “So far they have been truthful and transparent with me. That’s good for any healthy relationship.”

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