Warren Prescott Parents, School Official Tout Win on School Status

The Warren Prescott School community is counting a victory this week in their fight to keep school resources in place.

Parents at the WP have been very vocal over the past six months about keeping their school as a Strand 3 status school, and not losing their space for science. That had been in jeopardy through the fall when it was discussed through the budgeting process whether or not to make it a Strand 2 school, which would have meant the loss of some amenities, and potentially, student seats.

On Friday, WP parents and school officials announced that Interim Supt. Laura Perille had decided to keep the school at Strand 3.

“I am pleased to report that Superintendent Perille informed us that the Warren Prescott will remain a Strand 3 K0-8 School without the loss of our science space,” read the statement. “This is wonderful news for our entire school community. A special thanks to our School Site Council Chairs and our families for their dedication to our wonderful  school.”

Strand 3 means there are three groups of students per grade that receive some sort of specialized instruction. This can range from mainstream education to programs tailored to students with specific special needs or English learners.

The Boston Public Schools said through a spokesman that the Strand discussion was a routine thing done during budget time. Beyond that, they had no comment on the matter.

Parents from the school said after learning of the news that it was a particular victory in terms of advocacy. Parents at every grade level mobilized upon learning that the school was in jeopardy of losing their status quo situation. That came after they had asked to expand with mobile classrooms to accommodate more programming.

There is no word yet on the mobile classrooms, but the status quo will be retained for next year at least.

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