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If you didn’t get the opportunity to listen to author Jack Kelly talk about his struggles with addiction and his road of recovery when he spoke at the Charlestown Branch Public Library  or over at the East Boston Branch Library last week talking about his struggle with addiction and his personal road to recovery, you need to get his new book, Sharp Needle: A Memoir, which recounts his downward spiral into heroin addiction and his ongoing recovery including an attempt back in 2013 running for a seat on the Boston City Council.

His battle with addiction began with a sports injury in high school while playing hockey. He was prescribed opioid pain meds and sadly like so many others became addicted to this poison. Kelly then descended into hell and a life of drug use, which made him at times both  homeless and  separated from his family.

Jack did fight back and found his recovery starting at age 22. He had to begin rebuilding his shattered life and became a needed spokesperson for those in the recovery community. He became a soldier in the fight against the opioid epidemic. I remember when he ran for the City Council back in 2013 , I knew him  and many in the Kelly family. My favorite Kelly will always be Bernie Kelly. He was legendary. He had spunk, he had tenacity and he had a wonderful zest for life.  Jack Kelly has spunk and tenacity and when he fell into hell, he found his zest for life again.

You need to get his book, especially if you are struggling or if you have a  loved one struggling right now. Recovery never ends, but it doesn’t have to destroy you either. Jack Kelly has proven that with his perseverance, his transformation and his message of hope. No one is ever alone but the road back starts with that face in the mirror looking back at you.



We distributed 712 turkey baskets on Nov. 20. Your support was unbelievable. Volunteers braved rainy, frigid weather for hours until the last family was served. Teams of volunteers delivered 90 baskets to the elderly and handicapped, an arduous task. Teams of women signed up 700+ families, giving each family a ticket, resulting in a smooth distribution. The generous money donations made the food purchasing stress-free. The whole community pitched in. I am so grateful to you.

Now to December:

Set-up: Thursday Dec. 6 4p.m.

Distribution: Saturday Dec. 8 10 a.m.

Set-up and Distribution: Thursday Dec. 20  Noon (Christmas ham distribution, we expect to serve 400+ families that day.)

Thank you from

Tom MacDonald

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