Car Driven Off Pier 6 While Parking

The family of a man and woman who drove their car accidentally off of Pier 6 while parking told the Patriot-Bridge this week that they are extremely grateful to one business owner in the Navy Yard for his incredible concern.

David Goldberg, whose parents were the ones to drive off the pier, said this week he wanted to recognize the owners of Pier 6 Restaurant for going above and beyond to help his parents during and after their rescue.

“The owner of Pier 6 Boston went way, way above and beyond for my family,” said Goldberg this week. “A terrifying car accident occurred outside his restaurant when a car drove off the Pier. He deployed himself and his staff to help the accident victims, allowed them unlimited space in his restaurant to get situated and deal with authorities, and treated them to dinner. Through all this, he avoided the media and focused solely on the victims’ well-being. Why didn’t Mike, the owner, want all that free press? Apparently he cares more about people.”

On Nov. 14, around 5:30 p.m., the couple were headed to the restaurant on Pier 6 when the driver hit the gas mistakenly instead of the brake. That left the SUV perilously dangling off the pier and threatening to splash into the water – and Goldberg’s parents were still inside. His parents were brought to safety, and a special tow truck lifted the SUV back onto firm ground by 8 p.m.

In the meantime, he said the ownership of the restaurant went way above and beyond to treat his parents with dignity and respect while they worked off the shock of the incident.

“My parents are the victims of this car accident,” he repeated. “I just spoke with the Pier 6 Boston owner this week. He simply refused to accept my ‘thank you.’ Instead he just wanted to know how my parents were doing. Then he said to tell my parents to stop in anytime for ‘food on the house’ since they went through such an ordeal.”

Goldberg said it is his family that owes dinner to the owners and staff at Pier 6, and he said he reached out to the paper to give them the recognition publicly that they seemed to defer on. He also said he wanted to thank the Charlestown first responders for quelling what could have been a terrible situation.

“There were a lot of heroes,” he said. “Thank you – you all transformed a very scary situation into one with few long-term consequences. To Mike and everyone else, thank you all very much.”

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