Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Charlestown is a remarkable community, where caring people collaborate to make our Halloween a safe, fun, memorable,  inclusive and wonderful Halloween.  We are grateful to all who helped us celebrate our 33rd Annual Halloween Parade on Wednesday night, Oct. 31:

The National Park Service, Superintendent Michael Creasey, NPS Ranger Julia Mize and the NPS rangers;

The City of Boston Mayor Martin J Walsh; The Boston Parks & Recreation, Boston Special Events, Boston Transportation, Boston Office of Economic Development, Boston Police Department; State Senator Sal DiDomenico; Councilor Lydia Edwards; Councilor Annissa Essaibi George, and Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

Thank you to the residents of The Monument Square area and The Training Field streets, and

all who generously support our special holiday:

Marcia Alden and the Monument Avenue Team


Boston Latin School Step Squad.

Boston Portfolio Properties, LLC

The Bubble Guy

Patience Bundshuh and

Bunker Hill Associates

Bunker Hill Mall/ NE Development

Smokey (Michael) Cain

Cambridge Savings Bank, Jane Gricci and CSB Team

JoAnn Carragal

Frank Celeste


Charlestown Lions

Charlestown Mothers Assoc.

Christ Church Charlestown

John Conforti and Alex Cook

Karen Colombosian

Julia Congdon and Camden Holland and friends

Constitution Center/ National Development

The Cooperative Bank, Tom Coots, TCB Team

Diversified Automotive

Domenick Doyle, with Pirates Cary Lynch, Deanne Horn, Kristen Laverty, Matt & Kelly Mason,

Brett Samboy, and Kim Molino.

Wizard Jim Duane and Michelle Duane

Dunkin Donuts

Lynne “Glinda” and Wizard of Oz Rick Enos

‘e” inc

Jay Farraher and Lila Barbuto

First Church

Retired NPS Bill Foley, for the 33rd year

Tom Fortier and Duncan Donahue

Friends of The Charlestown Navy Yard

Friends of The Training Field and President Billy Kelly.

Maureen Grace and Pam Esselstyn

Joanne Grigoli and David Harvey

Jeff Harris

James Hauser

Elizabeth and Peter Hayes

  1. David Hennessey

Ed Katz, Larry Rinaldi, Arthur Colpack, and Biff Stulgis.

The Kennedy Center

Irene & Peter Kershaw

Rosemary Kverek

Legal Oysteria

Michael and Kathy Litel

Logan Condo Association

Sarah and Eric Maloy


Doug Macdonald and his Inflatable Team

Ellen McLaughlin

MGH IHP  “Super Heroes”

Disc Jockey Ryan Murphy

Peabody Properties

Chris Pizzaro

Jane & Eric Philippi

Tom Resor

Paul Revere (Michael Page )

Suzanne Smore


Suzy’s Red Wagon’s

Betty Stump

Teal Pumpkin, Emilie Baker

Thompson Square Associates

Tony Barrie Marching Band

Marjorie Wallens

Whole Foods/ UNREAL Candy

Olga Zagarova,

Amanda Zettel,

US Navy and Color Guard volunteers.

Diane Valle, Halloween Chair


Dear Editor,

As the leader of a community health center already challenged by a statewide nursing shortage, we are joining the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers in opposing Question 1. The proposed mandated nurse staffing levels at hospitals would drain nurses from community-based primary care settings. It is at these community-based settings that critical preventive and chronic care take place. Nurses are the backbone of our community health center workforce. Not only are they fundamental to providing patients with the highest level of care, they hold the front line against the opioid epidemic and other public health crises in our communities.

What’s more, the threat of service cuts and increased wait times at community hospitals because of the mandated staffing ratios will disproportionately affect our patients. In most cases, community hospitals serve as the single entry point for lower-income residents to receive specialty and inpatient care when they need it. Many of our patients struggle with chronic disease, including diabetes, heart disease and depression — conditions that require attention from all levels of our healthcare system.

While health centers support all nurses in their goals to provide high quality care and ensure safe working conditions, we do not believe that Question 1 is the best way to achieve these aims. The unintended consequences are too far-reaching, placing the health of the state’s most vulnerable communities at risk.

Jim Luisi, CEO

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