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Two Sundays ago down in Norwood Center at St. Catherine of Siena Parish,  my first-ever grandchild, Owen Richard Morrison got christened. I still can’t believe how fast life passes by us. I still remember my daughter Nealie’s christening. Congrats to Nealie and her husband Matt Morrison and to maternal grand mother Fay Giarratani and paternal grandparents, Rick and  Jane Morrison, all of Norwood. And meanwhile back at the ranch in East Boston is me.




Last week Cookie Giordano and myself were invited to be guest lecturers at Tom MacDonald’s writing class on the Boston College campus. Folks in Charlestown know Tommy as the guy who runs the Harvest on Vine Food Pantry but also has another life as an instructor over at Boston College and his writing class is quite popular.

Students seem to love his teaching style and both Cookie and I were glad to speak with his students on Neighborhood News and the impoprtance of community journalism. While big newspapers have been waning due to social media, there is still a place fort newspapers like the Patriot-Bridge to the Charlestown community.

The students asked many great questions and Cookie and I did our best to answer them. I even told the students that if they don’t touch a real new paper page anymore, they can also get local news papers like this one on line if it is more comfortable for them. They laughed at that and I did too.

I hope Cookie and I get invited back to another classroom chat again. I found it  fun and learned something myself during the lecture period.



Once again, the Charlestown community held its annual Charlestown Candlelight Vigil in Hayes Square and prior to the vigil, the community met at the Charlestown Peace Park to dedicate memory riocks.

There were many who made this community gathering so successful over the years, among them my good friend Shannon Lundin and everyone who stand together as a strong community

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