Post Office, Bunker Hill Redevelopment, Concerns Discussed at CNC Meeting

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) had their monthly meeting on Sept. 6, and Chairman Tom Cunha began the meeting by updating the community on the post office and the Bunker Hill redevelopment project.

Cunha said the post office in the Bunker Hill Mall is set to close by Jan. 1, and that he called the postmaster of Boston and expressed his “dismay” about not having a post office accessible to the community. He said that the postmaster “assured” him that though he does not yet know where, the post office will definitely be in Charlestown proper. Cunha said he suggested three or four different sites, and it was explained to him that it cannot be in the same plaza as any place that sells liquor, and it has to be on a bus line for the elderly and have an accessible entrance.

“The post office has not gone under the radar,” Cunha assured the community, and he said that a lease cannot be signed any later than Nov. 1.



Switching over to the Bunker Hill redevelopment project, Cunha said that the Boston Housing Authority has entered into an agreement with Corcoran Jennison and Leggat McCall to move forward with the project. The new proposal is somewhere between 2,200 and 2,700 units with commercial space on the first floor.

Every one of the existing buildings would come down in phases, and every new building unit would be mixed-income. The low income units would not be segregated. The sizes of the units would be the same, and the differences between them would be the amenities they offer. There will be construction meetings throughout the fall.



In other CNC news, Diane Grant said she is resigning from the Council and moving to Winthrop, but she will still run the website. Scott Holmes, who has been an attorney for over 30 years, will fill the Chamber of Commerce seat.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of this in Charlestown; I’ve been here for 30 years,” and he said he’s looking forward to working with the community in whatever ways he can.



During the open floor portion of the meeting, Charlestown resident Don Haska said that he would like to take advantage of Community Preservation Act funds to preserve the Bunker Hill Burying Ground. Cunha responded by saying that he would reach out to the other preservation and historical groups in Charlestown, because they have more knowledge about the subject. He said if this was something they wanted to move forward with, then the CNC would support it.

  • Austin Street neighbors Tracy Emma and Anna Demare expressed their concern about the “constant trash,” nips, and needles in the bush near where they live, which is near the 7-Eleven on Main Street. They also said that snow got pushed up against the fence and damaged it, and after repeated unfulfilled requests, they had to take it upon themselves to trim the tree that has overgrown branches so people can pass. There is also a rat problem now because of all of the trash.

“They have not been good neighbors,” she said. “We’re here because we’re frustrated.”

Yemma said that they have spoken with the 7-Eleven corporate office and the general manager, as well as City Councilor Lydia Edwards, who suggested that they take 7-Eleven to small claims court.

Cunha said that this is an issue that has been dealt with before, seemingly every time that convenience store changes hands. He suggested that they get more info from Yemma and Demare, and hold a meeting with 7-Eleven so they can see their faces and show them the issues in person.



Cunha also reminded everyone that the comment period for the Sullivan Square project ends Sept. 20, and the committee also discussed ways in which they could ask for better traffic flow throughout the town by asking to change the direction of some of the streets.

The next CNC general meeting will be held on Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus.

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