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Dear Sal:

I am a reader of Townie Tidbits, which is how I learned about the history of the potato sheds – thank you for spreading the word and for your continued attention to this hidden monument.

I am a recent transplant from California and proud to call Charlestown my new home. I love learning about and supporting local history/preservation efforts. I am curious if you’ve made any progress in your requests to have the monument moved?

My parents were recently visiting from California, and I took them on a little expedition to find the potato sheds, and it just doesn’t seem right that the monument is so far out of the way and hidden in such a marginalized location. I would love to support any effort to have the monument moved. And perhaps another descriptive plaque could be added with more history or even some quotes from locals who remember the sheds? It seems like they are certainly a critical part of the history of our neighborhood.

Anyway, thanks for raising awareness of this and other matters in your column!

All the best,

Angela Bazzi


This past Saturday  down at the Oilies using both Montego Bay and the Tobin Bridge as a backstop, over 400 folks showed up for just plain fun. Plenty of kids, young parents and older folk just enjoying a great summer day in Charlestown.

For decades this annual event was called Unity Day but this year it was moved to this new site with a new name FAMILY FUN DAY because unity starts with family the foundation of any community large or small.

This year’s event came with hot dogs, bounce houses, games and some 620 student backpacks were handed out for the start of the upcoming school year. The face of Charlestown today was well represented, and there were still many of yesterday’s faces, too. All united for fun and plenty of it.

City Councilor Lydia Edwards donated food from Spineli’s in East Boston. Judy Evers was walking all over the place talking with everyone as usual. Kevin Kelly, the best local sports writer around, was there, too. It was a day for all of Charlestown to come together as one.

 Stopped by the NewHealth Charlestown tent a satellite  of the North End Community Health Center.


Several members of the Charlestown Resident Alliance, Terence Anderson, CRA volunteer, Nancy Martinez, volunteer coordinator CRA, Karla Wert, secretary CRA, Tiara Murphy, president CRA and Monique Nolberto, board member CRA.


Boston Dream Center hosted a Prayer Table. Can’t we all used prayers, huh?   Obviously, everyone must have prayed for the great weather we got for the day.


Members of Boston’s Finest learning how to braid gimp. Never too old to learn something new. Community policing at its best.


photos by Sal Giarratani

Kids just love playing with Play-Doh, don’t they.

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