Sullivan Sq has a New Neighbor

Sullivan Square has another new neighbor, and developer Gray MacLetchie is proposing to merge old warehouse with modern apartment building to bring together the western corner of the circle.

MacLetchie held his first official Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) meeting on Thursday, Aug. 23, at the Schrafft’s Café to discuss the plans and the process for his proposed project.

The project entails the demolition of an old Rectory building behind what was the Tweed School, and which now houses several commercial ventures such as a cycling studio. MacLetchie also owns that building, and will knit together the commercial aspect with the new residential aspect.

“It’s exciting to spruce up Sullivan Square,” said MacLetchie, who owns other properties on the Square as well. “It’s developing rapidly. We hope the momentum we’re seeing might result in the re-design of the Square as well.”

The plan is for a five-story building with 22 units and 19 parking spots in the first floor. Entry into the parking garage would be off of Rutherford Avenue and into a garage door.

They will have nine one-bedrooms, 11 two-bedrooms and two three-bedrooms. They will be rentals, and some will come with outdoor balconies. There would be a rooftop deck facing Rutherford Avenue with areas to grill and relax.

MacLetchie’s architect, Michael McKay, said they have taken great strides to make the building look like an old warehouse with the gray brickwork, and also match the modern panel look of their neighboring development, The Graphic.

One of the key re-designs after consulting with the BPDA was to include a pick/up and drop/off area inside the garage so that cars and delivery drivers do not stop on Rutherford Avenue where traffic moves at a quick clip.

That has resulted in three temporary spaces at the front part of the parking garage.

The development will also unlock the ability to create some shared open space between the building and the commercial building next door. An outdoor patio and new green space is contemplated for an area between the two buildings.

The next meeting will be on Sept. 12, 6 p.m., in the Schrafft’s Café.

BPDA Project Manager Mike Sinatra said if all goes well at the next meeting, the City would like to have the project before the Board by the October meeting.

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