That ‘nco’ Deserves an ‘Encore’: Lettering Begins to go up on Tower

The Encore Boston Harbor tower begins to look more and more like the drawings that Everett residents have seen for years, and this week, many were surprised to see the ‘Encore’ moniker begin to be placed on the top “swoosh” of the casino tower.

At the moment, only the ‘nco’ of ‘Encore’ was apparent on the back side of the tower, but officials from Encore said they were simply waiting on dryer weather to install the remaining letter.

“They have started putting the sign on the back, and will move to the front,” said Greg John of Encore. “It will take about two to three weeks to do both sides, weather permitting. We will not light it up when it’s done, but residents might see it on at night or early in the morning occasionally as we test it out. We will illuminate both signs on the day we open.”

The tower letters are manufactured by YESCO, the company that built the iconic ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign designed by Betty Wills for the Clark County (Nevada) Commission. The letters for both sides of Encore will come in 13 pieces, and each will get tested for lighting after full installation.

The Encore letters facing Everett are, in total, 25 feet by 102 feet, but each letter is about nine feet tall. The ‘E’ in Encore is 25 feet tall. The total sign weighs 7,400 pounds.

There are 5,242 light pucks, which are LED bulbs, on the face of the sign.

The side facing Boston is slightly bigger and has more lights as well.

Once the signs are completed, the tower cranes that have been in place for more than a year will begin to come down – yet another milestone in the project.

John said they will have the tower cranes down by at least the end of September.

According to a presentation made to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) last Tuesday, Aug. 14, the Encore project remains on schedule and on budget.

It will open on June 24, 2019.

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