AG Healey Endorses Pressley in Congressional Race

More than a few people were surprised locally when Attorney General Maura Healey, of Charlestown, endorsed Congressional Candidate Ayanna Pressley for the 7th District over her own congressman, Michael Capuano.

Healey spoke mostly of loyalty in her letter of endorsement on Monday, noting that Pressley backed her in the 2014 Primary election.

“For me, this isn’t political, it’s personal,” Healey wrote. “Ayanna isn’t just my City Councilor. She’s not just my partner in government. She’s someone who shares our values, and our priorities, who I’ve depended on for years…She stood by me and supported me in my first campaign, at a time very few elected leaders were willing to take a chance on an outsider candidate like me. I’ve been lucky to work with some incredible people, but just a few have been willing to lean in every time. One of these people for me is Ayanna Pressley.”

Congressman Michael Capuano backed Warren Tolman in 2014.

“I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of my friend Maura Healey,” said Pressley in a statement. “Maura is a trailblazer who, since she took office more than three years ago, has been on the front lines, fighting on behalf of the people of Massachusetts on a number of critical issues, from predatory lending practices and gun control to environmental threats and efforts to undermine reproductive freedom. I am constantly inspired by Maura’s steadfast commitment to public service and her bold leadership.

“I am humbled by Maura’s support, and I look forward to working with her and others to lift up the voices of those too often overlooked and ensure that those closest to the pain are closest to the power – driving and informing the policymaking,” she continued.

Healey indicated that she had been working with Pressley on issues long before she even thought of running for AG in 2014. She said they worked on issues that “strike at the core of who we are as a city and a state.” Those issues included fighting profiling and discrimination by Boston nightclubs to protecting students from predatory, for-profit schools and helping survivors of sexual trauma, domestic violence and human trafficking.

The primary election comes on Sept. 4.

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