Training Field to Host Concert

The Charlestown High School ensemble band will be center stage in the Training Field on Saturday afternoon, July 28, in a unique event to help bolster usage of the Field and bring students and neighbors together.

Billy Kelly, president of Friends of the Training Field, said they will hold the concert in the Training Field at noon on July 28, with the Charlestown High band playing many favorites that they’ve been practicing throughout the summer.

Additionally, there will be plenty of family fun as well, with face painting, popcorn and Richie’s Slush provided.

“I think it will interesting and fun,” said Kelly. “The idea is to use the Park and get more people there. It’s also great for the neighbors to be able to meet the high school students and listen to what they’ve been working on. I’m hoping for everyone in Charlestown to come down and enjoy the Training Field.”

The time runs from noon to 2 p.m., with a rain date of Sunday, July 29, same times.

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