Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

To the Old Charlestown Schoolboys Association. I would like to Thank You for selecting me for one of the Schoolboy Scholarships. This Award will be put to good use as I continue my education at Stonehill College.

Christopher Page


Dear Editor:

To the Old  Charlestown Schoolboys Association. I would like to Thank You for selecting me for one of the Schoolboy Scholarships. This award will be put to good use as I begin my education at Stonehill College.

Charlie Page


Dear Editor:

There is a old wise saying, they also serve who only sit and wait. Devin James Gallagher who was the 2018 Lt. Michael P Quinn Scholarship Recipient.persevered during his Sophomore year at Boston Latin School, and has perseverance resulted in superlative achievements. As a three year hockey contributor to the Wolfback, Devin  stared on two DCL, League championships. This past winter Devin was named a DCL Hockey all star. From success on the ice, Devin accomplished another sports milestone, on the Golf team. All of the aforementioned, were coupled with a 3.24 grade point average, and completing five advance placement courses.

Community participation was another hallmark for Devin. As a member of the Charlestown Boy’s and Girls Club, Keystone Club, umpiring for the Charlestown Little League, and as a volunteer for Charlestown Youth Hockey association. A most well disciplined individual, Devin continued a tradition from Boston Latin School. As the nineteenth recipient from Boston Latin School, Devin joins a who’s, who, of outstanding Townies from Robert Irgens in 1970, to Bridgette T Collier, in 2014.

Commencing this summer, Devin will be the first recipient to attend Massachusetts Maritime with the class of 2022. On 5/6/2018 at a luncheon with his parents Jason and Cherly Gallagher, Devin was awarded the revised scholarship of $8,000.00. Next on Devin’s remarkable athletic, community service, and academic journey, is his graduation from Boston Latin School on 6/11/2018.

Preparing for a career in the Homeland Security, and public safety field, we know, Devin will achieve his goals. The poignant words of Elbert Hubbard, states it all about Devin’s character, “One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men no machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.”

 Ronan J FitzPatrick



Dear Editor:Thank you for the recent articles about the Training Field. Originally called ‘Charlestown’s Outdoor Room,’ it remains, through the hard work of the Friends of the Training Field and other dedicated Charlestown residents, an outstanding common park. Over the years, it has gone through several periods of refurbishing and continues to emerge more beautiful than ever.

Although not designated a cemetery, a recent article informs that ‘Most of the (Revolutionary War) soldiers died not on Breed’s Hill but at the Training Field,  a sacred ground.’  Everywhere are reminders of this sacredness: the plaques  naming the 140 who died in the Battle of Bunker Hill. (Billy Kelley, Friends president, says the number might be closer to 400). The informative panels recounting the field’s 300+ year history. The glorious female America sculpture,  lofting above a Civil War soldier and sailor, crowning them in laurel.

Currently the roped-off lawns are undergoing a much needed re-seeding. The winter took its toll on the grass certainly but the Patriot-Bridge also informs us about the struggle to keep dogs on their leash in the park, so they are not digging up the grass or using the grounds as a toilet. I love dogs.  Most of my friends have dogs. But they don’t belong in this tiny park. I googled Gettysburg Park to see if dogs are allowed there.  Yes they are, but only on the outer walkways.  They are not allowed into the cemeteries.  Let’s declare the Training Field a cemetery.  Problem solved.

Mary Doherty, 

Proud, former Charlestown resident

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