CEO Maddox says Encore Boston Harbor Plans Entire ‘Entertainment District’

Appearing before about 2,000 construction workers (many of whom are from Charlestown) sitting full of steak tips and on the future gaming floor, Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox breathed confidence into all listening about the future of Wynn in Everett.

The comments came at a topping off celebration on Friday where Maddox said the actual resort casino is just the beginning, and afterward praised the efforts of construction workers and the construction management team.

Taking the podium, he said that the current site is only a small part of what they want to do in Everett and Boston. It was a big departure from the talk of a sale and purported negotiations to spin off the project to “protect” shareholders’ risk.

“This site where we’re building today – I was the first employee from Wynn to set foot on this ground,” he said. “I immediately went to the mayor’s office, and he had grand vision of what this area could become. We bought into it immediately. This is just phase one for what we’re planning. We’re thinking of turning this entire district, working with partners, to make this an entertainment resort district over the next decade. If you like working for Wynn, this is just the beginning.”

The comments came at the official topping off ceremony, where the company and Suffolk Construction celebrated the milestone – which is going as high as the building is going. From here on out, they will only be working on closing up the outside and not going any higher.

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