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My daughter Nealia went into extra innings during her pregnancy. Her son simply seemed to like where he was and seemed in no rush to exit the tunnel into the world. However, in the end, he did arrive early on the morning of March 29. He was one big boy weighing NINE pounds.

Many of my friends who are grandparents told me grandparent status is awesome. As I picked up my “Big Boy” I realized that I helped create him through my daughter who I helped create back at her birth.

I  felt so special holding him for the first time and remembered how I felt when I picked up my daughter for the first time. Henry David Thoreau once said, «Spring is a natural resurrection, an experience of immortality” and looking at Owen Richard Morrison for the first time I felt that very sense of resurrection and immortality, too.

Prior to his birth, in the days before his birth, I listened a lot to Gladys Knight and the Pips singing “Save the Overtime for me.” Getting more excited all the time waiting and waiting for the moment of holding him in my arms.

It’s a beautiful life and if you keep upbeat it will always be a beautiful life for him, me, my daughter, son-in-law and the entire family who welcomes him into the fold.

Seeing a photo of little Ryan got me reminded about what my great friend Charlie Ross  always said, “Keep Punching.” Always keep punching and never look behind you.



Seth Daniel›s piece in last week’s Patriot-Bridge was a great overview of the history of those Charlestown Potato Sheds that were so much a part of Charlestown’s social and economic history. I was shocked to hear that the state actually constructed a great memorial to this piece of local history.


I never knew this sculpture  dedicated to the potato sheds ever existed and talking with folks after reading Seth’s commentary last week, I am far from the only one in the dark about it. I saw the photo Seth took and it looks great. Piles of potato bags with an open bag on the talk spilling out loose potatoes.

I am writing this on Easter Sun day afternoon. I am going to go in search of this lost memorial hopefully before you are reading this paper on Thursday. It is supposed to be located on the side of the on-ramp to the Tobin Bridge to Chelsea. Hopefully, I will find it and then hopefully, we as a community can contact state officials and get this sculpture moved to a location where folks from Charlestown can actually gaze and reflect on it and its history to the building of the Charlestown community.

Buried in plain sight is unacceptable now that we know it exists unseen for how many decades? What were state officials thinking?  Stay tuned right here for more on this story.


FEEDBACK -Where do readers think it should go? Any ideas out me know at [email protected]…Also got some emails on naming the new proposed bridge replacing the ancient structure on North Washington Street connecting the North End and Charlestown. Many liked my idea on naming it after Bobby D from the North End who worked in Charlestown with sports programs for kids…Also many still highly regard all that Bobby Wallace did for the Town always speaking up loudly when necessary and pushing to get things done for Charlestown the right way.

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