Charlestown Firm Chosen to Build First Three Custom Wynn Boston Harbor Water Shuttles

Wynn Boston Harbor has long believed they could revolutionize transportation in Boston by using the Harbor, and now, they’ve picked a local ally to build upon that.

After conducting an international review of companies, Wynn Boston Harbor announced on March 14, that a custom luxury yacht builder in Charlestown has been chosen to construct three European-style, low-profile motor yachts that will shuttle Wynn guests and employees year-round to points across Boston Harbor. The preliminary stopping points would be Wynn Boston Harbor, the Financial District in Boston and the Seaport in Boston.

Boston BoatWorks, located approximately 1.5 miles from the $2.4 billion resort just over the Alford Street Bridge in Charlestown, will build the 41-foot, state-of-the-art vessels that will accommodate 40 commuters each and form the core fleet of a robust water transportation system that Wynn Boston Harbor is introducing.

The cost to build the three boats is approximately $3 million and will be privately funded by Wynn with no public funding or taxpayer funds. The Wynn Boston Harbor Water Shuttle will run 365 days a year throughout the day and evening with planned stops at the Seaport District and Financial District.

“The Wynn Water Shuttle could revolutionize the use of Boston Harbor as a preferred and popular commuter pathway,” said Robert DeSalvio, president of Wynn Boston Harbor. “Imagine boarding a shuttle at the Seaport and Financial Districts in Boston and docking at our resort in Everett in 20 minutes, rain or shine, with a guarantee of no traffic or parking issues. We’re turning a normally stressful and frustrating commute into a luxurious and relaxing experience.”

Each cabin features plush UltraLeather seating, gloss-varnished teak wood and a below-deck salon seating area with large hull windows and overhead skylight. The vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art climate control and joystick steering systems as well as a computerized gyro stabilizer for smooth sailing in choppy conditions.

Final schedules, locations and fares have yet to be determined. The Wynn Water Shuttle will be operating when Wynn Boston Harbor opens in June of 2019.

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