First Discussion on Hood Park Height Increases to Be Held Monday

A series of zoning changes to be considered for the Hood Park properties – changes that could result in buildings as high as 330 feet on the back side of Hood Park – will have their first salvo volleyed at a meeting on Monday, March 12, in the Schrafft’s Center.

The meeting is sponsored by the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), and will includes staff members discussing the current zoning in and around the Hood Park site and potential changes to that zoning.

The meeting takes place at 6:30 p.m. in in the Schrafft’s Cafeteria.

The meeting comes quite fast on the heels of a shocking meeting late last month where developers of Hood Park announced they were scrapping a plan to put a concert venue in a proposed parking garage – a project that will continue to the BPDA Board this month – in exchange for talking about height changes.

At that meeting, the suggestion was received very coldly by many in the community.

Mark Rosenshein, who has led the re-development for Hood Park, said at that meeting that the current height limit is 115 feet on and around the site. He said that buildings in the vicinity, such as the Wynn casino, buildings at Assembly Row, and buildings in North Point, are closer to 300 feet tall.

Hood Park, he said, would like to have an “honest conversation” with the community about increasing the height limit there to 330 feet.

That honest conversation now seems to have a starting point next Monday, March 12.

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