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By Sal Giarratani


Hey, unlike President Trump, I am not always right. Even I can be in error, and I am glad when an error gets a response from this column’s readership. Recently, I used the word “opine” as a noun when it is not, is is an action verb. Someone holds an opinion but when they are doing it, they are opining. Thank you, Rob, for pointing that out to me.

Truth be said, I was not an English major in college but rather an European history/ political science major. I opined a lot back in my younger campus days  because I always had an opinion. I think I will appoint  Rob as my English coach. Many times I could use a good  one.



Picking up this paper last week, I instantly noticed the bold headline “One Charlestown financier withdraws. Apparently, Sun-Cal has backed out of the financial team leaving Corcoran Jennings without financing and B.H.A.

However, the B.H.A. repeats this project is not dead as Corcoran searches for a new partner. According to the B.H.A. it is expected that there will be more details  hopefully by mid-February.

Liked the comments by State Rep. Danny Ryan over this latest news. He’s hoping with a new financial partner could bring a fresh new look at One Charlestown . Says Ryan, maybe the approach might be changed and breaking things down in to smaller chunks. “Three phases over 15 years is a lot to comprehend. Maybe approaching Phase 1 with a vision toward Phase 2 and 3.”

The idea at first seemed too complex to wrap yourself around. Many opponents of the proposal thought the whole idea seemed too much and too soon. I think Ryan is right, this latest seemingly bad news could actually be a blessing in disguise.

One thing for sure, it will be up to everyone to stay informed, attend community meetings and let your voice be heard.

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