Post Office Not Moving — Right Now

By Seth Daniel

One of the hottest rumors around the Town this week is stamped and ready for the delivery.

That rumor is that the Charlestown Post Office in the Bunker Hill Mall is planning to move to make way for a larger CVS pharmacy store. Numerous residents had passed the information around last week in particular, most of them with a bit of fear that the Post Office would relocate to an area near Sullivan Square that wasn’t convenient.

Not true said a spokesman for the United States Postal Service (USPS) – or at least not now.

Steve Doherty, a communications specialist for the USPS Northeast area, said they have a lease in place until next year.

“Our current lease expires on December 31, 2018,” he said. “Should we receive written notification of the landlord’s intent not to renew that lease, we would then begin the process of looking at our other options. It is premature to speculate on how that would play out at this time.”

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