Townie Tidbits

By Sal Giarratani


Charlestown’s Training Field is an historical gem. It is a part of the legacy of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which was actually fought on Breed’s Hill. However, Breed’s Hill is a topic for a future commentary.

I always appreciated the history of the Training Field and its connection to the Revolutionary War, but I also appreciated the Civil War monument there, too. It showed that Charlestown has always been home to Americans who have fought in support of America when needed. Few know that so many Townies died in the Civil War. I like the idea of illuminating that Civil War monument for all to see.

Now that this patch of green has been renovated, it is time to open it up. It can not nor should it ever be a passive park that just sits there as we pass by it and hardly notice anything of importance.

I just returned (Nov. 21) from a vacation to Austin, Texas where the issue of old statues is now front-page news. Statues down there remain quite alive as people debate what they represent today. One such monument on the grounds of the State Capitol is a Confederate Civil War monument dedicated to all who lost their lives for the Confederacy. It was unveiled in 1903, Today, it as become the subject of controversy. However, what I appreciate about it is that one can walk right up to it. Read the names on it. Touch it. None of which is possible with the Civil War monument in Charlestown. It has always been fenced off and has literally become standoffish. The fencing around this monument must go.

I think the Friends of the Training Field need to consider taking away the fencing allowing a closer look by all. We should be able to touch the names of those who sacrificed their lives for Charlestown and America. Bring the Training Field to life for all to see up close and personal.

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