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Dear Editor,

I have been a longtime reader of the Patriot-Bridge and count on its news to be informative and unbiased. It is therefore with great sadness that I have watched it transform itself over the course of this campaign season into little more than an arm of the Stephen Passacantilli campaign. Each week the paper has printed unbylined and unedited puff pieces that read like official press releases rather than reported news. I note that the Patriot-Bridge has also printed similar pieces concerning the Edwards campaign. It calls the paper’s integrity into question when the reader cannot readily distinguish between true, unbiased articles and pieces which appear to be authored by campaign insiders. In this era where the media is under constant attack, it is up to journalists to hold themselves to the highest standards. I hope the Patriot-Bridge can correct its course and continue to serve the Charlestown community by promoting public accountability and a multi-sided exchange of ideas.

David Parkinson


Dear Editor:

As a resident of Charlestown for over 20 years, I’m always delighted to find the Patriot-Bridge on my door knob. It’s such a pleasure to read about what’s going on in this neighborhood we love.

But in the current city council race, what in the world is going on at the Patriot-Bridge?

Lydia Edwards, who’s worked hard to introduce herself to the community and pulled nearly as many votes as her opponent, gets little or no coverage. Stephen Passacantilli gets special treatment.

Either It’s because he always buys those page-one ads (pointing conveniently to the “news” from his campaign) or because he’s got old school connections in the neighborhood, or both. But either way, this is one of the reasons a new generation of voters ignores the political process in the city: because it so  inhospitable to newcomers, women, and people with a different perspective

Whatever the reason, it would be great if the Patriot-Bridge could actually deliver balanced coverage rather than what amounts to paid promotion for a member of the local political establishment.

Christopher Schiavone


Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of Stephen Passacantilli’s campaign for District 1 City Councilor. I am the retired Justice of the Charlestown District Court and have been a resident of Charlestown my entire life. I am, in fact, the fifth generation living here on my mother’s side of the family; my children are sixth generation and two of my grandchildren were born here.  My family has lived here for seven generations – since 1868.

I know the community well.  I practiced law here for 22 years before I was appointed to the Court. Before that, I was the Little City Hall Manager, an advocate for the Bunker Hill Knights of Columbus for 22 years, and member of many community organizations.

I have known the Passacantilli family for the past 50 years.  Stephen’s father Daniel is a personal friend of mine.

I have watched Stephen grow from a bright, energetic child, to a warm, caring, intelligent adult and family man. Stephen has shown through his dedication and hard work through his education at Malden Catholic, Suffolk University, and more importantly, his employment as City Councilor Sal LaMattina’s constituent services director. He has the experience, intelligence, and character to be our representative as District 1 City Councilor, especially considering his extensive community involvement.

Stephen’s work and capability, as well as the strength of character he portrays makes him the clear choice to be our next District 1 City Councilor, and I hope you will join me in voting for him on November 7.

Hon. Allen J. Jarasitis, Retired


Dear Editor:

The candidate’s forum recently held in the Navy Yard was well attended by a cross-section of Charlestown residents.

For me, it was uplifting to see and hear our Charlestown neighbors come together to listen, ask questions and come away with good feelings about this political process and one another.

The moderator, the candidates, Lydia Edwards and Stephen Passacantilli and the audience were respectful of each other and provided all with positive and thoughtful questions and answers.

Thank you. It was a refreshing respite from our toxic national political discourse that we are subjected to day in and day out.

Not to sound hokey but it brought back memories of Mr. Roger’s special neighborhood song, “It’s a Good Feeling”.

Yes, it was a good feeling to be at that forum, in our special neighborhood, Charlestown.

Ann Kelleher

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