Fall Is Here — Make the Most of It

Although those of us who are fortunate to live near the coast may choose the summer as our favorite time of year, fall is the top choice of many of our fellow New Englanders — and a close second for the rest of us — when we are asked what is our favorite season.

It is not merely the exquisite beauty that Nature presents to us that makes fall such an attractive time of year. The display of fall colors in the mountains and in our own backyards brings a sense of wonder that never fails to amaze us, no matter how old we may be.

Nor is it the crisp coolness of the air in the early morning or the evening, making us feel so alive, that accounts for fall’s popularity.

Beyond what we can see and feel on our skin, it seems to us that it is the dramatic change of seasons that touches us — dare we say it? — in a spiritual sense that accounts for the reason why we (even the summer-lovers among us) embrace the coming of fall.

The languid days of summer induce languidity in us — they are the lazy, hazy days — and for almost all of us, our dream of a perfect summer day consists of a chair, sunscreen, and a secluded place in the sun to take a nap.

But fall is different. We feel energized. We feel the need to move, to get outside, and to do something so that we can take advantage of what Nature has to offer before the cold of winter sets in.

That is where the spiritual sense of fall comes into play. Summer’s flowers are dying and leaves are falling, reminding us in a subconscious way that this is the way of all life, including ourselves. Fall induces in us the need to gather with friends and family, to be in proximity to those who are most dear to us. The beach chair may beckon us to go solo on a summer day, but toasty fires in the fireplace are best when they are a shared experience with those whom we love.

So make the most of our beautiful fall weather and foliage while it lasts. It is fleeting — isn’t everything? — so we cannot afford to waste even one weekend. A hike in the hills and mountains of New England is among the most invigorating activities for both the body and soul that we can imagine (and it’s a great workout for those for whom that is important).

Happy fall to all of our readers — enjoy it while it lasts!

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