Police Briefs 08-24-2017

Charlestown Beat

Larceny – Bike

08/14/17 – A victim on Ninth Street reported his dark-green LL Bean bike was stolen from in front of his residence. The bike was locked, but the lock was broken and left behind. Security footage may be available.



08/16/17 – A victim on Third Avenue reported unknown person(s) took a bag left on a cleaning cart outside of a third-floor room.



08/18/17 – Officers responded to Third Avenue to remove an employee. Officers spoke to the suspect and explained multiple times that due to his condition (intoxicated), he would have to leave. After being told numerous times and still behaving in a belligerent and confrontational manner, the suspect was placed under arrest for trespassing and disorderly conduct.


Burglary – Residential – Force

08/19/17 – A victim on Sackville Street reported upon returning homa she observed glass on her kitchen floor and that her window was broken. Dirt was also on the wall by the window. It was unknown at that time if anything was taken.

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