Letter to the Editor

A true public servant

Dear Editor:

This letter is being written on behalf of Stephen Passacantilli, candidate for City Council in District 1, which covers Charlestown, the North End, and East Boston.

Since April of this year, when Stephen asked me if I was willing to help him in his pursuit of Sal LaMattina’s seat, due to Sal’s retirement, I said I would, and I have been actively involved in the Passacantilli campaign ever since.

During these last few months, I have come to know Stephen and what he stands for. If there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of regarding Stephen Passacantilli, it’s this: No one will outwork him.

The past month, Stephen and I have knocked on doors all over Charlestown, and we’re not done yet. The reception Stephen has received thus far has been phenomenal. What has been just as impressive while knocking on those doors has been Stephen’s interactions with the residents of Charlestown on any and all issues.

I saw firsthand Stephen’s knowledge on all the major issues Charlestown is facing at the present time. Any resident who may not have been aware of the goings on in the Town was given Stephen’s personal cell-phone number to call at any time with their questions.

Like Stephen, I am a lifelong Bostonian. Stephen was born and raised in the North End, and I was born and raised in Charlestown. Amazingly, both of us still reside in the neighborhoods of our youth. With that, it would be safe to say, we know a little about our respective neighborhoods.

There are many issues in the coming days for Charlestown and District 1, and I couldn’t think of a better person to be sitting at the council hearings advocating for us on issues such as quality education for all BPS children, property-tax relief for our seniors, safe streets, programs for the opioid crisis, affordable housing, accessible transportation options, and helping small businesses.

In closing, I would like to say that Stephen Passacantilli is a true public servant. He truly loves helping people and goes to any length to accomplish the needs of others. Also, he has a proven track record working on Sal LaMattina’s staff for years.

On Tuesday, September 26, when you vote, remember Stephen Passacantilli for City Council District 1!


John P. Kelly

Prospect Street

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