Police Briefs 07-27-2017

Charlestown Beat

Assault and Battery

07/19/17 – A victim on Polk Street reported he stopped his motor vehicle to allow a person to cross the street. At this time, a Latino male near the victim’s car thought he got too close to the person crossing and punched the victim in the mouth through his open window. The suspect then fled the scene.


Burglary – Force

07/19/17 – A victim on Spice Street reported unknown person(s) broke into his refrigerator/trailer unit and removed 10 cases each of hot dogs, hamburger, and chicken. A video of the crime was made available to detectives.


Burglary – Force

07/21/17 – A victim on Bunker Hill Street reported that upon returning home, he found his two entry-doors unlocked, and that his apartment had been broken into. Numerous watches and pieces of jewelry were taken from the home, and detectives are investigating.



07/22/17 – A victim on Salem Street reported a package taken from the front steps of their home. A witness followed a female suspect from the scene. This information was provided to police, who will conduct a follow-up investigation.

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