Chief Marshall Grateful for Community Excitement of Bunker Hill

By Chief Marshal Robert Beckwith

I would like to thank the Charlestown community for a fantastic and memorable experience serving as Grand Marshal for this year’s Battle of Bunker Hill Day Parade.

With the help of John Taglilatela, Kim Mahoney, Noreen Manning and Lisa McGoff-Collins, along with my good friends from the 520 Club, we were able to assemble a committee with the goal of ‘Making Bunker Hill Day Great Again.’

Reporter Seth Daniel and Sioux Gerow from The Charlestown Patriot Bridge were also very helpful with in depth interviews and advertisements of all Bunker Hill Day activities during Pride Week. This publicity was instrumental in bringing the crowds out to all the scheduled functions and the parade.

I would like to thank everyone that supported us in our fundraisers and buying our T-shirts. The overwhelming success of our Grand Marshal’s Block Party.

The Block Party’s was successful because of YOU the community for showing up.

The committee knew when planning the Block Party that it would be a lot of work and very expensive. This could not of been accomplished without financial support and food contributions from local businesses. There are so many people that contributed to the success of the party.

I would like to publicly thank the following businesses and private contributors:

Chris Duffy and the Duffy Family for their use of their parking lot along with Anthony Cataldo from A & C & G/J Demolitions for their contributions for the Block Party.

Food from the following restaurants:

  • Damien Donovan, Jon Sweeney, Bev Donovan and Chef Steele from the  Monument Restaurant,
  • Kim Mahoney and staff from The Warren Tavern,
  • Michael Cooney and staff from The Brewer’s Fork,
  • Greg Coughlin, Mgr. Christian and staff from The Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen,
  • President Dana Pullman and Secretary Treasurer Andy Daley from the  State Police Association of Mass (SPAM) for all the wonderful  food that was provided by these organizations
  • The Grasshopper Cafe
  • The popcorn and snow cone table from Sarah and Erik Maloy of the First Church of Charlestown,
  • Joe and Bob Roselli, Rosev Dairy
  • Beverages from Rich McCarthy of  McCarthy Bros. Liquors and Kasey Chan of Thompson Sq. Liquors.
  • The  block party was a  success due to the generosity of all these people.

Please show your support for the establishments that contributed, they were here for YOU and the community. So, drop by have a bite to eat and a drink and thank them for contributing to helping to…Make Bunker Hill Day Great Again.

I also want to thank the following for financial contributors,

  • Sean O’Brien and Teamsters Local 25
  • Ed Kelly, Rich Paris, Jay Colbert and the Boston Firefighters Local 718
  • State Representative Dan Ryan
  • The Bunker Hill Associates
  • The Knights of Columbus
  • Fred Greatorex, Greatorex Group LLC,
  • The O’Brien Family in loving memory of their father Martin O’Brien Sr.
  • Bill Johnson and Family in loving memory of their mother Florence
  • Developer Dennis Morgan
  • Chris Mian, Mian Marble
  • Margaret Farmer Candidate for City Council.
  • Tom White •Bob O’Leary
  • Mike Tibbets •Jack Collins
  • Dan Turco

From my observation while marching and talking to people along the parade route, the crowds and excitement were certainly present. Along the parade route, I had the opportunity to see and talk to “Old Townies” that hadn’t been back for the parade in years.  A lot of them said they decided to come back to the town to watch the parade because of all the “Hype” and see what was going on. They certainly were not disappointed.

We are hoping next year to be even better.

When I was growing up, the talk started the beginning of June, “what are you doing for the 17th?” After the success of this year’s Pride Week and a great Parade, we hopefully might of just ignited the Townie Spirit of looking forward to the 17th again. I am confident enough to say we are paving the road to our goal on Making Bunker Hill Day Great Again.

Thank you for the honor my friends and I am so proud to call myself a Charlestown Townie.

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