Owners ‘Ready to Rebuild’ at Site of December Six-Alarm Fire

By Seth Daniel

The owners of the building that burnt down on Bunker Hill Street last December, on likely the coldest day of the winter, has demolished the damaged building and said he is ready to rebuild.

George Georges owned the apartment units and the laundromat that occupied the space until a terrible, six alarm fire broke out a the Monument Laundry – engulfing the building and damaging those nearby.

In recent weeks, the old building came down completely and now Georges said he will rebuild exactly what was there.“It is now torn down and I plan on building what was there, exactly what was there,” he said. “It will be commercial on the first floor and apartments above. I plan to start as fast as I can get my permits. I’m ready to rebuild.”

He said the process had been held up by insurance company red tape, and the demolition was tricky as well due to the close quarters of the neighboring properties.

However, with that done, he’s ready to put the fire behind him and those who lived in his units.

“We’re anxious to get going,” he said. “It took longer to knock down he building because it all had to be done by hand, but we’re done with that and ready.”

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