Cambridge College Settles into Hood Park, Out of Cambridge, During First Academic Year in Charlestown

About one year ago, the Cambridge College Board of Trustees announced a plan to consolidate their two campuses in Cambridge into a new, integrated facility in 2017, at the Hood Park.

Located at the historic Hood Park, the new 85,000 square foot location offers the opportunity to create a unified campus in a state of the art facility in a location that is easily accessible from communities throughout the Greater Boston and surrounding areas. This academic year, the campus has transitioned to the Hood Park, with mostly adult learners traveling to the Park for classes in the first year out of Cambridge since 1971.

“For over 45 years our mission has focused on creating access, opportunity and an environment where adult learners can learn, thrive and succeed,” said Susan M. Ifill, Chair of the Board of Trustees for Cambridge College.  Ms. Ifill, an alumna of its Graduate School of Management further stated, “We see an opportunity in this decision to think creatively about how we continue to evolve our programs, services and partnerships to support our mission.”

Cambridge College enrolls over 5,000 students each year across four schools: School of Undergraduate Studies, School of Management, School of Psychology and Counseling, and the School of Education.

“In exploring options for our graduate programs, which have always been in multiple locations, it became clear that we had a unique opportunity to think strategically about our physical presence.  A single campus model will more effectively meet the needs of our current and prospective students.  The Hood Park campus will offer a number of benefits for our college,” said Deborah Jackson, president of Cambridge College.

Some of the benefits of the new campus include opportunities to utilize the design to accommodate flexible classrooms, advanced technology, and thoughtfully considered student centered amenities, as well as expanded ease of access to and from surrounding communities and ample parking.

“The City of Boston has some of the nation’s greatest academic institutions, and we take pride in the educated workforce we have as a result,” said Mayor Martin Walsh. “We are excited that Cambridge College has chosen Charlestown for their new Boston campus and we look forward to many years of collaboration ahead.”

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