Marathon Daffodils to Line 26.2 Mile Route

Marathon Daffodils is pleased to announce that for the fourth year, they will be displaying thousands of daffodils in businesses along Boylston Street, Boston’s busy Marathon Finish Line area for the 2016 BAA Boston Marathon, as well as Back Bay Streets, and Charles Street.

Marathon Daffodils is an annual program founded in 2014 by Diane Valle, a passionate urban horticulturist, to bring beauty and a symbol of Hope to the Boston Marathon following the 2013 bombing. Since 2014, more than 130,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted along the 26.2 mile Marathon route as a living memorial, plus thousands of potted daffodils greet the runners, visitors, residents and workers.

On April 14th, Marathon Daffodils will decorate the Boston Public Library at Copley Square and the BAA Finish Line area along Boylston Street.  The Beacon Hill Garden Club will distribute potted daffodils along Charles Street.  The Flower Hutch, TDL Landscaping, Bartlett Greenhouses and Walnut Hill Landscaping will help with the delivery of the thousands of plants, grown at Olson Greenhouses.

Marathon Daffodils lift spirits and brighten stores, restaurants, offices and homes along the Marathon Finish Line area. Marathon Daffodils has been made possible by generous donors including the Mass Flower Growers Association, MA Nursery and Landscape Assn, Ropes & Gray, New Balance, MA Master Gardeners, Beacon Hill Garden Club, and hundreds of volunteers.

This year, a film crew will follow the Marathon Daffodils make their adventure to the finish line, and how they affect everyone who comes in contact with them, to be used in a documentary film.

“This project is a living tribute to the resilient spirit of Boston Strong.  Marathon Daffodils brings a sense of Hope and an enhanced sense of community to Boston.

We are grateful for the support from our donors and the volunteers,” said Diane Valle, founder of Marathon Daffodils. “It is wonderful to see people come together for another year to bring Hope and beauty to the Marathon. We hope this spirit will continue.”

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