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By Sal Giarratani




    Lately, I have been reading some great opines from Sean T. Flaherty of Charlestown and I must say I like his viewpoint on politics. I see his name in the letters pages of the Boston Herald often. On Sunday, March 26 he showed up on the pages of Globe Magazine with another great piece as he states, “Use the power of government to transfer money from those who have to those who do not. We’ve been doing exactly that for 50 years, and it has done nothing to reduce inequality.”

Short, sweet and to the point is the quickest way to beak through all the fake news out there that so many are buying. Keep it up Sean. The truth shall set us all free of bad government policies.




Several months back Seth Daniels did an interesting news story on local seniors who have taken the Route 92 bus to stores like the Christmas Tree Shop[s or K-Mart. When my mother was still alive back 25 years and longer ago, she liked taking the 92 bus over there to shop at K-Mart or Jordan Marsh and also get her Coca Cola and burger at McDonald’s, too.

Then, the bus stopped right at these stores and passengers could walk a few steps inside to shop. I assumed that was still the case until several months ago when I read how the MBTA moved the stop over to the other side of the mall by newer stores like Lego Land. Seniors liked the old bus stop and now reportedly they now must get off the bus and walk way back near the old stop and those stores they have been shopping at for years.


The MBTA back then stated they have no intention of bringing the old T stop back and basically everyone would just have to get used to the change. Apparently the MBTA is seemingly more concerned about their bus drivers navigating the parking lot than they seemed to be about the elderly doing likewise backtracking to their long favored shops.

The T actually had the nerve to say the new bus stop is only a one or two minute walk to the old part of the mall. For seniors, that might seem a lot longer walk than the T spokesman thinks.

I want to hear from you. Is this still an ongoing problem for elderly shoppers over there in Somerville? Are seniors still pretty ( blanked) off over what the MBTA has done to them?  Let me know your feelings at [email protected].

My mother was a fighter her whole life. She once told me it was in her Charlestown DNA to be so. If the MBTA is still brushing off the concerns of senior shoppers, they should be ashamed of themselves. The last thing they (MBTA) wants to do is (blank) off a bunch of old ladies from Charlestown.




“I love to hit home runs. I swing as hard as I can, and try to swing right through the ball…The harder I grip the bat, the more you can swing it through the ball and the farther the ball will go. I swing big with everything I got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.”

-Babe Ruth

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