Letter to the Editor

A great point

Dear editor

I have just read Mimi Tovar’s letter in the March 2 issue and just wish every resident of Charlestown could read it too.

The couple thousand people currently living in the BHA certainly deserve to live in a safe, clean environment in just the same way as the majority of Charlestown residents do. And all residents will benefit, as Mimi says, from the improved community integration and also the amenities that will come with the new retail space.

The issues that have been raised by objectors such as traffic congestion and pressure on school places can be addressed if everyone can work together during the several years that it will take to fully redevelop the area, but these issues should not be allowed to delay or prevent the development that will improve the lives of many.

I hope that the residents of Charlestown can come together to bring about constructive solutions to move forward

Clare Bennett

Ps if you should choose to publish my letter, I am happy for my name to be referenced but not my email address..


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